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Free Will Astrology

Do you remember the monster that sometimes lived under your bed when you were a kid? Recently it found its way back to you, and has been spending time in your closet. It's not as frightening as it used to be, and I'm not alarmed by its return. In fact, I think it has an important message for you that would be valuable to discover. I encourage you to invite it out for a conversation. As you might suspect, as soon as it delivers its crazy wisdom, it will leave you in peace.

you know I would love to talk to that monster!

Caroline Hensley

Caroline was born on February 18th, 2009 - 6 pounds 6.5 ounces (2905 grams to be exact) 18 inches long at 3:32 pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)

difficult pregnancy, difficult C-section and so far difficult recovery

She is absolutely fine and healthy. We, of course, think she is beautiful and somewhat elf-ish. I seem to hold her ears funny while feeding and cause the elf-ish-ness to really come out.

cow baby

BabyWorld Channel Presents - The 'BA! Tracker

Lost your Roomba?
Come home to a vacuumed house but no sign of Roomba? (let's be honest, it's vacuumed but not necessarily clean - anything that Roomba can eat gets picked up and put down on a higher surface)
Send for 'BA! Tracker.

Looked for mine during nap time and could not find it. Mac got up from nap and went to the docking station for the afternoon run of the 'BA! Because everyone knows that the 'BA! runs twice a day without fail. Complained loudly to me and then started to track it down. Dagnabit, the boy found it in five minutes! Of course we had to do the ritual of putting 'BA! to bed a little early today.

Picture Pages

it is class picture day at preschool today.
wanna take a guess as to how many children have some kind of product in their hair?
so many little boys with their side parts. hee :)