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For Lady Brannon - a giggle or maybe a laugh out loud

A woman sitting at a restaurant in Texas suddenly began to cough while
eating a giant country fried steak. After a few seconds it became apparent
that she was in real distress, and two cowboys at the next table turned to
look at her.

"Kin ya swaller? asked one of the cowboys.

The woman signaled 'No', desperately shaking her head.

"Kin ya breathe?" asked the other.

The woman, beginning to turn a bit blue, shook her head and again
signalled 'No'.

With that, the first cowboy walked over to her, lifted up the back of
her skirt, yanked down her undies, and slowly ran his tongue up and down
the woman's butt.

This shocked the woman into such a violent spasm that the obstruction flew
out of her mouth and she began to breath again.

The cowboy slowly walked back over to his table and proudly took another
drink of his Lone Star beer.

His partner said in admiration, "Ya know, I'd heard of that there Hind
Lick Maneuver, but I ain't never seen nobody do it!"

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