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today started out okay.....
Talked to the youngest sib and had a rather amusing conversation..... went something like this
Jules " have you talked to mom recently?"
me " couple days ago why?"
J " she sounded funny on the phone when I talked with her last night"
me " oh I wonder why"
J " I don't know ....maybe she was upset that I was at Greg's house and she wasn't taking care of me"
me " well yeah you being at Greg's would piss her off"
J "oh"
I changed the subject ..... we don't like Greg

Went by the lot today and they are putting the finishing touches on the foundation..... Progress!

Talked with the folks - they are in town today talking with the money man - hope to get to see them

Then checked the mail ...
two disturbing things were in it
1. Jill sent another mean birthday card - " Age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill" BITE ME - she did however send this with a very cool hat - thanks
2. Tuesday Morning flier - Hunter fans on sale for $80 - nice 52" with light kit and remote - and I missed it - talk about pissed off- I called every store in town and in towns that I knew people in to see if they had any left over - nope - CRAP! oh well I have done a search on the web and have found some there but it would have been easier to pick them up here.

ATTENTION: please keep an eye out for ceiling fan sales for me - I would like the 52" with a 12 to 16 degree pitch and a die cast motor in a white finish with light kit adaptability. thanks

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