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Against the LAW! I tell ya!

it should be against the law for a pregnant woman to struggle to open a jar of pickles!

edit: Still can't get them open! You don't want me to go THERE, pickles!

edited yet again:
Jules: LOL!
Jules: get a grippy thingy!
jbmanning: it is not funny
jbmanning: I did!
jbmanning: I beat on the lid with a knife like James always does
Jules: will that not work el preggo
jbmanning: hasn't so far
jbmanning: dammit to hell
Jules: tried the hot water on the lid?
jbmanning: ooo
jbmanning: brb
jbmanning: ok crisis averted
Jules: did that work?
jbmanning: yep *crunch*
Jules: silly duck

Whatever. A girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do.

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