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Turkey is the name of the game

Some of you know that we attended the annual turkey fry at the Swain's this past weekend. Needless to say we have alot of turkey - 24 pounder - to go thru. So far it has been a good experience because I keep changing the dish - just to fool myself that we are eating turkey all week. We have had turkey with roasted potatoes and carrots. Yesterday I made turkey marsala - thanks to Jill and the family cookbook - served with leftover roasted veggies. Tonight we are having turkey veggie soup and tomorrow we are gonna have turkey potpie. The rest of said turkey is going in the freezer. Done with turkey!

Random Rants
Harris Teeter has a Buy One Get One Free on the Electrasol tabs - BUT - they are ALL flavored - I ask you! Why do my dishes need to smell like green apples, orange blossoms, or fresh scent? I just want them clean with no spots - which is why I love the Electrasol with the Jet Dry Powerball WITH NO SCENT. No love from Hairy Peeter on this sale.
Fact or Fiction? Does the lemon or scented crap effect/affect the finish on your dishes? I tried to google for the info and didn't find much on the subject unless it had to do with environmental effects and those people that have chemical reactions to the crap.

Speaking of scents: Laundry is another area with the weird smells�. I want my clothes to smell clean with a hint of April Freshness from Downy. Not Spring Rain or Lavender or any other scent that is available. I like the April Freshness - maybe that is because that is what Mommy always used while growing up. I have to say that I do like the way Dreft smells - good thing I guess.

Note to self: Pay attention to what the body is saying please. Now go take a nap!

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