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thanks guys - birthday post

thanks for the birthday wishes!
Birthday started off with the normal Sunday routine with a Frap and the paper, complete with the ride to Starbucks sans baby which means the stereo booming. Started out with a little Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water then moved on to Disturbed. heh! My little sister Juju Bean and the Bear came by to bring my present. Get to redo the master bedroom. Very excited about that. They gave me two pillows and a rug that I lusted after in Target. Now I need to go back and pick up a few more things to complete the transformation. My dear hubby suggested that I have sushi for dinner now that I am able to have it. YAY SUSHI!!!! Man, I haven't had sushi in sooo long that I forgot the names of my favorite rolls. I almost called Lady Brannon to help me remember. Called up Tokyo House and placed the order and James went and picked it up. Wow, was it good! Then took a two hour bath with a smut novel to cap off the day. James and Sarah are getting me Pole Position, on back order, Juju and I are looking forward to that. Just need a Baldino's meatball sub to go with it and it would be perfect. Ah, it's the little things.

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