JBManning (jbmanning) wrote,

CSI - Cumberland County Library

- Attn: Buttermilk - this is right up your alley!
Death of a Flamingo
Walked around the bookcase that forms the corner of my cubicle
just before noon this cold, grey, rainy, dismal, and dreary afternoon
to be greeted by pink feathers, silvery bird footprints and flashbulbs!!!
Certain members of the staff had crime-scene taped off my desk,
out-lined the body of the murdered lawn flamingo in my chair, scattered
pink feathers and blood droplets generously, taped my drawers shut
with yellow plastic caution tape and generally created a gory death
scene. The desk was already piled with donations, new supplies,
red boxes full of new, to-be-processed books, mostly torrid smut and
used receipt books.....I laughed til I cried!!!!!!
Jane and Jenn took photos...will try to get them out to you.
It was a conspiracy!!!!!!!!!

As logged by CSI Barrett, Library Lady

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