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Monday Bloody Monday

Thunderstorm this morning at 5am - prevents me from getting a nap before BabyWorld opens. Been up since midnight with stuffy nose Sarah and the loudly complaining hip/low back pain (because of said storm coming). Result - 3 hours of sleep.
Thunderstorm again today - during naptime - Sarah was startled awake and not happy - manage to soothe and put her back down - Tried to catch some winks myself and Bear wakes up.
Hell day so far but now for some humor:
James and I did a search and destroy mission on the office - reorganizing - cleaning - further the baby proofing. Cords got sorted out and tied up - lockable drawers were reorganized and filled - Roomba was relocated to under a desk (pay attention - this is important)
Bear does not like the Roomba - He does not like that things have been moved - for the last ten minutes he has paced in front of the desk that the Roomba is under - he will stop periodically to squat down to look at the Roomba - He is very perturbed by the changes in the office. Of course in my hysteria, due to lack of sleep, I am cackling like a crazy woman - He is not pleased with Aunt Jessa.
Time to wake Sarah and feed them lunch.
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