JBManning (jbmanning) wrote,

who knew?!!! clueless in fashion

I have a pair of aqua blue flip flops. I couldn't tell you how many times I have had someone comment on these flip flops. I have just been smiling and saying thank you to the comments. But in my mind I have been thinking - they are flip flops people - just flip flops. So today I tell Julie about how many comments that I have been receiving about my dinky little flips flops that she gave me as a gift when she got married. She tells me that she got them straight from Brazil through a friend that was going down for a vacation. She also tells me that the more decorated the flops are the more expensive they become. She got them for two bucks a pair. So I Googled it to see what the fuss is.
I own a pair of Havaianas. O.K.
They fit.
They are comfy.
They are blue.
I like them.....but.....
They are still just flip flops people.
Sorry Jules, never been a brand girl, but I have enjoyed them, so thank you.

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