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I need a PT....know of a good one?

Heard from the Neurosurgeon the MRI results are in....

1. A third-degree sprain completely tears the ligaments. Signs and symptoms may include:

A pop or snap felt or heard at the time of the injury.
Mild to severe pain (pain is sometimes less in a complete tear than in a partial tear).
Severe swelling and bruising (often, but not always).
An unstable joint (feels wobbly or loose).
A grating sound or feeling.
A bulge (sometimes) at the site of a complete tear.
A change in sensation, such as numbness or tingling.
Recovery time for a sprain can vary, depending on a person's age and health and the severity of the sprain. A minor sprain in a healthy person may heal in a few days to a few weeks. A severe sprain can take several months to heal and may never heal completely, resulting in long-term pain, limited movement, deformity and instability of the joint, and repeated injuries.

First aid for a sprain includes rest (immobilization), ice, compression, and elevation. While a minor sprain will often heal well with home treatment, a moderate to severe sprain may require medical treatment, such as a cast or splint, physical therapy, medication, or surgery.

2. With a tear on the outer membrane of a disc.
Each is a flat, circular capsule roughly an inch in diameter and perhaps 1/4-inch thick, made of a tough, fibrous outer membrane called the annulus fibrosus, surrounding an elastic core called the nucleus pulposus.

Gonna have to do three weeks of PT - need to find a good one - hopefully near Rex - I have a membership at Rex Wellness Center - maybe they have one.

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