April 16th, 2002


funny squirrel

First I have to give some background on the squirrel population here at casa de manning..... Our roof is the squirrel superhighway ...they go from tree to tree by way of our roof.... one day I was talking to my mom while loading the dishwasher and a squirrel came up to the back door and scratched at the door...scareing the crap out of me ....when I yelped he held his paw up and scampered off...like saying 'hey'....well today I was filling up my favorite mason jar with water in the upstairs bathroom and I looked out the window and there was my squirrelly friend sitting on a branch outside the window looking in and he raised his paw to say hello again....kinda make you wonder if this is a relative that has been reincarnated popping by to say WHAT UP GIRL... hmmm