April 24th, 2002


yea! the house saga continues....

Went to the lot with the rents and the lot is pretty much cleared where the house will sit....I will get pictures tomorrow :) I did notice that there was a pine in the back that has been nicked by the dozer.....we will have to make sure they take it down.....don't want bugs! Still working on the Driveway Issue but at least the Floor Issue is finished for now....Meaning ....vinyl in the bathrooms for an extra moisture barrier and carpet on the stairs to protect the Graces of the world :) ....then when we close ...Bring in the Laminate! Woo Hoo!

Question for you people who love Chemistry or HGTV

On Smart Solutions I saw a lady put a little of the pine cleaner in a jar of water with rags....This is to cut down on waste....you would keep the jar under the sink to clean up little spills or to do a quick once over....instead of buying the cleaning version of baby wipes....
Anyway.... my question is ....I would rather put vinegar instead of the pine stuff with the water and rags .....will this be okay? you know ...rags sitting in vinegar water....I know that vinegar water is the best cleaning solution but will the rags be destroyed or will they hold up over time?
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