April 26th, 2002


Goin' to my mommy's!

Road Trrrriiipppppppp!!!!
Down to get the van for the weekend
spend time with the parental units
get spoiled
then come back to load and move
fun fun fun
hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Ha I'm Right I'm Right I'm Right!!!!!

Found in This Old House Mag.....
In the Ask Norm Section of the mag....Norm says "...according to Mike Lamb, at the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse, the best approach is simply to maximize whatever air circulation your house is capable of, and the only way to do that is to install continuous ridge vents and sofit vents. Even powered fans don't match the effectiveness of this system and turbine vents aren't even close." HA I'M RIGHT!!!!!!!
backstory...had to put a new roof on the old house so I have had an education on roofs....building the new house I wanted, no insisted, we put in ridge vents onto our house and by code the house didn't have to have this....sssoooo I argued and got my way but it is nice to know that NORM is on my side! HA

favorite smells

took some sheets out of the dryer earlier and was reminded of my mom
some others are
freshly cut grass and lumber = Dad
motor oil = granddad's tractor

What are your favorite smells?