April 28th, 2002


a stinkin rant....

On O2 there is a show called Freeride with someone named Greta and she is this champion snowborder (Ithink) anyway I saw that she was going caving so I stuck around to watch.....for those of you that don't know I LOVE CAVES and I LOVE CAVING...so I was really excited about seeing a new cave on TV...you just don't see many on TV.... so the exciting caver gal named Nancy proceeds to repel into the cave.....Greta has several fears ....heights, dark places and confined areas.....sooo this is a challenge for her but she goes ahead and makes a go for it....well I am cheering her on saying you can do it....well she cussed complained bitched wined the ENTIRE time and the segment was five seconds long ....I saw NOTHING! not a single speleothem DAMNIT to heck!!!! All I saw was HER bitching and a rock here and there....ugh it made me sick! I understand fears and I have some but damnit you could have put on a brave face and tried to be nice about it....she even said "have you ever been caving with someone who hates it as much as I do?" HOW RUDE!!!! Before this segment was on she went hanggliding - um fear of hieghts? yep bitched here too. Maybe she isn't the right one for the show. It certainly ruined any further viewings on my part.

I need a mad cow icon for this!

*hurumph* Gretas road journal http://www.oxygen.com/freeride/features/journal/gretajournal4_20011109.html
aaawwww she feels bad for bitchin'
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