April 30th, 2002


Technical stuff for Jill

Oh Jillikins could you help me with this please?
The disposal in the new house can be one of two things...one with galvanized steel blades with a 1/2 hp motor or one with stainless steel blades with 5/8 hp motor
Now I talked with Daddy and he said not to really worry about the blade but to get the bigger motor. I understand that but I would like your advice on the metal. thanks in advance! :)
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Today I picked out my appliances!

Went to Sears today and picked out the appliances for the new house. No GE in the house!!!!! Yeah!

The oven/range is going to be neat to work with - Radiant Range - smooth surface - warming area - self cleaning oven with recessed elements - simmer select - two 6" and one 8" with one that you can select 6 or 8 " - 4.6 cu ft and it will be white with a speckled gray top! No Black!
something similar to this (Kenmore White 30 in. Freestanding Electric Range with Radiant Elements and Self-Clean Oven).

the microwave will be something like this (Kenmore White 1.5 cu. ft. Microhood Combination)...

The dishwasher, we picked the upgraded one here (Kenmore White-on-White 24 in. Built-In Dishwasher with 5 Cycles/3 Options)

now that disposal as I stated in the previous post - we were told that the blades were stainless but the description say6s galvanized hmmm - here's the link (Kenmore 5/8 hp Food Waste Disposer)

I think
this (Kenmore White 25.9 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water) will be our fridge - I know I have said that I would never get another side by side but we really use that beverage center allot! The only fridges that have the center are the side by sides so there ya go....
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More House Stuff

I know I know boring stuff but I am excited!
we have decided to put laminate floors in - but the builder wanted to charge too much so he is putting in vinyl in the bathrooms to pass inspection and code and he is putting in the carpeted stairs and that is it, the rest will just be sub floor.

here are the tiles that we have picked for the bathrooms on the second floor
look at the two top right they are both 'fossil' and we are going to mix the two

Here is the rest of the house's floor
go to flooring, product viewer, classic planks - Northern Birch second to last row first one

Here is the countertops that are in the kitchen
go to laminate, product viewer, the Mystique collection, first one called mystique dawn

Here is some of the lights that I have picked out

this is going in closets - I hate fluorescents!

Outside lights
front - http://dbadmin.seagulllighting.com/SeaGullLighting/SiteCatalog.cfm?StoryID=2494&TemplateDisplayMode=2
back - http://dbadmin.seagulllighting.com/SeaGullLighting/SiteCatalog.cfm?StoryID=2555&TemplateDisplayMode=2

downstairs hallway - http://dbadmin.seagulllighting.com/SeaGullLighting/SiteCatalog.cfm?StoryID=2975&TemplateDisplayMode=2
upstairs hallway - http://dbadmin.seagulllighting.com/SeaGullLighting/SiteCatalog.cfm?StoryID=2976&TemplateDisplayMode=2

over the kitchen table - http://dbadmin.seagulllighting.com/SeaGullLighting/SiteCatalog.cfm?StoryID=26&TemplateDisplayMode=2

the rest will be ceiling fans - although I am not sure what type of blade color I want given the light color of the floor - or should I just get white ones to blend in with the ceiling? suggestions please ?
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Ceiling Fans

Wood Grain or White
What should I get?
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