May 13th, 2002


I'm okay

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know ....

The move is a pain but a lot less stressful - for me anyway :)
My back is improving everyday, as long as I don't push it. When I hurt it I called Dr. JuJu Bean and she told me to ice it down, take it easy, but not stay still too long because it will stiffen up and make it worse, and to take Advil and use some IcyHot stuff.
we have toooo much stuff!
I just finished the master bedroom's closet and the coat closet. I plan to work on the kitchen tomorrow. Then the office the next day. We have done really well, I think. We have the piano (the hated one, FLAVOR), the couch upstairs, big TV, Washer/Dryer, freezer and my bed to go - well of course the office and kitchen which I hope to get done in the next couple of days. :)
I am going to ice down my back and take a break for a while until James gets home and we load up for a trip. When the office comes down I wont be able to write for a while ...I will miss you ...I will let you know that happens :)
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