July 10th, 2002



The preparations for the impending road trip has begun...I have spent an hour on the phone trying to reschedule doctor appointments....but that has been finished. Got back on Monday from the Swain household...finishing up the packing and staging so they can put the house up for sale to move here! yea! *bounce* Had lunch with Sonja yesterday ...had yummy sushi! Today need to run around and get things for the hubby, drop by the house and check its progress, get the oil changed in the car, get it washed - ugh does it need it!- drop by the bank, and of course finish the laundry.
Then I think I am going to totally vegg-out on the bed and catch up on my Tivo!


I will be seeing Jill in August... If you have anything that you would like for me to give to her please have it to me by July 26th.... that is all :)
I am so stinkin excited!
Can't wait to see you girl!
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Yeah for me!

Got all the things done that I wanted to.... Gary is coming by later tonight for the power washer....Need to finish folding laundry.... and new need to catch up on Tivo! Vegg Time!
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