July 16th, 2002


Darn it part two

well this morning I had to call James on his cell to help me get out of bed to use the bathroom....my back stiffened up in a big way... how sad is that....so I will be doing nothing except for sitting on an ice bag and taking some serious pain killers with the occasional trip to get water and pee. .... oooo such excitement for me....Got a call for help last night that I couldn't fullfill...made me mad that I couldn't....oh well maybe next time...
Oh and by the way James has been making fun of me all morning, so I need you guys to beat him up for me....He says that I am walking like a bowlegged cowboy...I just need the chaps and spurs....meanie! Kick him in the butt! On the other hand he has really been a sweetie...making a nest for me on the bed ....letting me use the newly Jessie-friendly laptop...so I guess I really can't complain....poo yes I can!
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