July 17th, 2002



Talked to Julie last night...During a terrible bout of violent pain..... she wanted me to go see an Orthopedist but I informed her that the ones that I talked to referred me back to the Neurosurgeon.....not doing well at all .... yesterday after lunch I went RAPIDLY downhill....I am really afraid that I won't be able to do the road trip if things don't improve....I am so sorry Jill.....Julie pretty much told me that from my descriptions I have a herniated disk that is pressing up against a nerve......must get an MRI soon to verify ....may mean possible surgery. Not really what I wanted to hear..... my butt is very cold! but the ice seems to numb the pain some ...Just heard...I have a 3:15 appointment with the Neuro guy. virtual_spouse and I are forming the Broken Spouse Club....so far we have four members and by the looks of it hap may be joining us ;) Will keep you informed of the latest....since I can't do anything else *pout*
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Ouch Update.....

Went to the Neurosurgeon this afternoon.....He is pretty sure that I have a tear in one of the disks in my lower back ,,,, the MRI has been scheduled for tomorrow at 10pm!...so hopefully I can find out for sure by Monday at the latest.....I did however get some kick butt drugs....Valium, Percocet, and Prednisone...hopefully I will be in a drug-induced coma later on tonight.

James got me Spongebob Squarepants Band-Aids! Aint he sweet?!