July 18th, 2002


Owwie part four?

Drugs are good mkay! Feeling no pain is a Good Thing!
going in for the MRI tonight at 8:30pm....I called in this morning and asked if there were any cancellations and the chipper woman said oh yes for 8:30, being that the call was placed at 9am I had to laugh....8:30 PM right...giggles oh yes thats right ok see you then....something tells me that she may be on drugs too. What fun...being shoved feet first into a tube....nothing like caving....nothing interesting to look at...maybe this time they will play music like they did for my mom's MRI.


They treid to shove me in head first.....ummm NO! Then they came to their senses and put me in feet first....as you do ...but I was still all the way in with my arms sticking out...jamming to the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and Pink Flyod .... not too bad to spend 15 minutes....when they scaned my head it took longer....strange!