July 26th, 2002


Well so far...

I have had a good day so far.... despite the fact I got ZERO sleep last night even with the large amounts of drugs circulating thru my body....this morning called the plummber..he is supposed to come between 1 and 3 today ...then Susan came and got me and we went looking for 'schools' for Dylan and found a great one...then we went and looked at some houses and found a great one that I fell in love with!... the car ride wasn't bad at all...now we are going to take a nap and then go for a swim later. I just might have a yummy tomato sandwich for lunch today! So far my back has been ok...cross your fingers that it continues to get better....BTW, James whatever you did to my computer last night broke it...would you fix it when you have time. Thanks
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the pipes have been fixed and now I'm off to babysit Dylan
Have a good night!