August 1st, 2002


Bondage and Dominance of PT

Went to PT today poked and prodded......checked all left leg is really weak compared to the mobility in the back at all...going to start water therapy two days a week for four weeks then two weeks on dry far as the hips the Mistress is going to work over the back first and if it helps the hips then its all good if not then back to a lot of pain ....took masses amounts of drugs and now going to sleep ....that is all for now
Thank You Mistress
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Questions please

Because of Rhiannonstone's wonderfull post this morning ....I am stealing LadyFirebird's idea....
Ask me a question.....come on you know you wanna
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I think I will share....

Rhiannonstone asked everyone a question today and here is mine. Any coments or suggestions are welcome :)
jbmanning: If you did get that tattoo on your left breast, what would it be?

I think mom said it had to be the right boob. (for an explaination) I think that I would get a temporary tattoo of a Cow just for shits and giggles and then get professional pictures taken.

But seriously, I really have been giving it a lot of thought. I don't think I would put it on my boob but haven't thought of a location that I would want it on. As for the design...I am working on it. It needs to be really personal, significant, and special for me and me only. Sorry Flavor not tattooing your name on my ass ;)
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BOOBS, I see a trend today

Have you ever wondered why A, B, C, D, DD, E and F are the letters used to
define bra sizes?

If you have wondered why, but couldn't figure out what the letters stood
for... It is about time you became informed!

{A} - Almost Boobs...

{B} - Barely there.

{C} - Can't Complain!

{D} - Damn!

{DD} - Double damn!

{E} - Enormous!

{F} - Fake.

Sent to me via email - thanks for the laugh Sonja
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Tattoos part 2

In light of recent discussions....tee hee...those of you that do have tattoos...what would be the best location.....keep in mind the following....the ouch factor (too close to bone) the personal factor ( only to be seen by me and anyone I choose to show it to) the age factor ( will it sag, fade, etc) and any other factors that haven't been mentioned.
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Know what time it is girls and boys.....

The Barrett Road Trip Update! Yeah!
(sing in SpongeBob Sqaure Pants theme song)
OOOOOO Who's in a Green Van on the road
The Cra-zy Bar-retts
Who will be packing all of that stuff
The Cra-zy Bar-retts
Who will be hauling Jill's stuff to Chas'
The Cra-zy Bar-retts
Crazy Barretts Crazy Barretts CRA-ZYYYYY BAR-RETTTTSSSS

Merriville, Indianna
US 30 turning into Dunkin Doughnuts
Jill says it is easier to find a slot machine than a bathroom in the Vegas airport
Mark and my parents are there Hi Mark
She just saw "the Chair" Beautiful! Loves it, all recovered and beautifull I have seen it!

Rhiannonstone Question:
Favorite place to live where she lives now
Real hair color one shade browner than black with 20% gray

My dad just sang me a song (way out of tune)
Oh Jessica who has to do PT
It hurts like hell to do
But its good for you and
you must do it everyday!
(sing it to Oh Beautiful) WIERD I KNOW!

Going to dinner now
More updates tomorrow
So Stay Tuned, Same Time Same Place For .......
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I just saw the Trailer for XXX
yummy in those tighty whiteys
have to see this!
Vin, the sex slave of my dreams
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you replied to a comment but my email is busted and I can't find it
care to repeat?
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