August 3rd, 2002


It will be a good day....

My little sister is coming in for the day (crazy girl likes to do road trips) from Asheville....we are going to the new house to take pics....maybe swim a bit and then get dinner together .... nice and relaxing

Question for the day:
Do you name your car?

ours is Krystal and The Cracker
dont forget about The Blue Bomb

Jules is Gretel (that is the new one) Lesil her old one was killed by the 16 year old in her mothers minivan
Jill calls hers The Taurus
Mom's is The Queen
Dad's is The Lil' Truck
and of course The Van

What did you name your car?
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The Barrett's Road Trip

the Barrett's are in Des Moines, Iowa
The Barrett's are doing laundry
The Barrett's are hungry and dinner just showed up
The Barrett's sound tired

Sorry that is all, maybe more tomorrow
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Today WAS a good day

Julie came and we talked, went to the house, swam, and ate dinner.
It was really good to see her!

appliances in
sinks in
toilets in
bathroom floors in
tubs, in
kitchen cabinets in

It looks great! when pics are up I will let you know!
nic' picky things left and the landscape/driveway left to do
I am so EXCITED!

more later
I overdid it today and am now sitting on three bags of ice
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