August 5th, 2002


The Barrett Road Trip

The wheels on the Van go
Round and round, round and round,
Round and round.
The wheels on the Van go
Round and round,
All through the Nation.
The driver on the Van is Jill
Vroom, Vroom, Vroom
Get of the road, we're gonna die!
The driver on the bus is Daddy
Vroom, Vroom, Vroom
We are all safe now!
All through the Nation.
The wheels on the Van go
Round and round, round and round,
Round and round.
The wheels on the Van go
Round and round,
All through the Nation

Sorry for the delay folks, we had technical difficulty most of the day yesterday.....
Back to the News.
The Barrett's were in Nebraska yesterday when the call was received. They had eaten at a nice restaurant overlooking the North Platte River Basin.
Rolling fields everywhere, beautiful sites to behold, many pictures are being taken. Saw those futuristic windmills "Neat"

Request for information on Lewis and Clark - couldn't give info because of the technical difficulties but have answers now from here.

Trying to figure out the text messaging for Daddy's phone.....

that is all for now tune in next time.....

Barrett Road Trip

'Cus the wheels are turnin' -- The feeling's burnin'
The thrill's returnin'
My soul is yearnin' -- my heart is churnin'
the wheels are turnin' again.

welcome to tonight's broadcast of The Barrett Road Trip

The Barrett's are currently in Rollings Wyoming eating yet another pizza!
Windmill is the word of the day
Taking pictures at 55 MPH, hanging out the window to take pictures of the stinkin' turbines

Had lunch with The Brenda today at *gasp* an Italian resteraunt! Daddy had copious amounts of meatballs. There's a shocker!

that was the end of the broadcast but....

Daddy called me back to sing

Oh Home on the Range
where the deer and antelope play
where Jessica is missing a great bunch of rocks
and the Buffalo play

"Daddy, you are mean"
"you know I am jealous as all hell"

a little background - Bachelors in Geology

message to HAP from Jill
Iowa was better than Kansas and Wyoming is boring but the rest stops on Nebraska are informative
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oh BTW since there are so many of us looking for a job out there

as I stated in the Barrett Road trip thing

Bachelors in Geology, Bachelors in Enviromental Sciences specializing in Earth Sciences and a minor in Geography
None of that got me a job that I wanted. and I hate technical writing, even though everyone wanted to put me there instead of a lab or in the field. oh and no experience except for the LONG HOURS spent in labs, but they don't consider that job experience. Blah
Got a job for me?

I prefer lab work, Optical Mineralogy to be specific.
I wanna look down the microscope and identify, catalog, and process minerals.....
Look at the pretty colors .....
ugh never gonna happen
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