August 6th, 2002


The Barrett Road Trip

The Barrett Road Trip 8/6
Sorry no song for the intro of this broadcast....the broadcaster is really tired tonight ....but I promise to have one ready tomorrow...I know how all of you love my songs.
Since I am so tired I have asked for a replacement for tonight's broadcast.

So lets join The Barrett's and find out how their day went.
Kiki Snotnose: " so how are things going today Barretts?"
Barretts: "Took things slow today only five hours on the road"
"Currently we are in Ogden Utah. Kiki, we have to say that this is really some beautiful country."
Kiki: "Been seeming allot of Italian food being consumed lately has there been a change today?"
B: "Why yes, Kiki, we had Chinese and Jills fortune in her cookie stated that she 'Demonstrates charm and charisma'
Kiki: " Really, I would have never guessed that."
B: "Oh don't worry, Kiki, we have told her that it was 'such a lie'"
Kiki: "you heard that here first folks"
Kiki: " Any interesting tidbits that our readers would like to hear about today?"
B: "Kiki, the restrooms in Nebraska, well I have to say that we have named them 'Taj-ma-toilets' they are unbelievable, better than some of the top homes in the country."
Kiki: "Really, I must visit this great phenomenon. Would you classify this as an eighth wonder of the world?"
B: "If you say so. You're weird"
Kiki: *chipper as ever* "Why yes I am!"
Kiki: "Last question folks. There is a rumor that underwear swapping is going on to comment on this?"
B: " umm no comment"
Kiki: "welllll I guess that tells us huh! Thank you Barretts for that in-depth interview. This is Kiki Snotnose signing off, Good Night"

Echo Canyon was unbelievable! I hope they got great pictures! They meet a man at a truck-stop that was from Reidsville, NC. I asked how in the world they found out about that and they replied "the southern accent" I guess they have been missing it and the senses have kicked in to recognize things like that. For example they noticed allot of NC plates on their journey today.
Plans for tomorrow are to travel through Idaho along I 84 north to the Columbia River and then west along the Columbia River basin.

the Barrett's would like for everyone to read/listen to The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver

That is all for tonight....Thanks for joining us for the Barrett Road Trip
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