August 16th, 2002



Stolen form Dixie's post

what smell or taste encompasses your personality? How would your essence, your you, smell or taste?
What's your answer for you? For me?
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Pain and Torture Saga

The Mistress had a bad morning and took it out on yours truly. Man she pushed and pushed, a full hour today! She told me that I have improved enough that I can do the exercises in the pool by myself and to start the clinic next week. Clinic is Thursday and Saturday of next week. Should be interesting. I have to still continue with the Range of Motion classes and my PT exercises. AND add 30 minutes on the treadmill everyday. UGH! She did warn me to stop if I was in pain when walking on the treadmill. But right now I am gonna sit on ALOT of ice, take some painkillers and muscle relaxers and maybe tap a nap.
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