August 26th, 2002


Question Ladies

Doing research on my Day of Beauty and was wondering.....
have you tried these products?
do you recommend any particular one?

American Crew
Paul Mitchell
Dermalogica Rusk Artec Matrix

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Check....Check....Check....Kickin' Butt On That To Do List

Updating the "Mom E-mail" List of Things to do:

sooooo what about doing the bikini wax, the exfoliating, the eyebrow pluck, the deep pore mask, the olive oil deep conditioning,
=> making an appointment with a day spa for me birthday

corn and bunion removal,
=>don't have any thank goodness - but pedicure is on the list for the day spa

resume the ww diet....(aside'll need quality protein while rebuilding muscle/ligament, etc).
=> resumed a diet lost 22 pounds so far - eating protein mom lots of chicken!

color the hair
=> Day Spa list

take up crochet or tatting
=> leave that to Jill, thanks anyway!

learn to read and speak sanskrit, or aramaic
=> brushing up on the Spanish - that is good enough right?

have your right boob tattooed
=> the design has been made just waiting for the right time - need to get photos done with this Check this out ( thanks again Virtual!)

get a mammogram and/or a pelvic exam
=> Pelvic done today - all me parts are doing just fine

have a wisdom tooth dug out or get a toe nail removed
=> already did these - no thanks on doing again

you'll be ready to put on a fashion show,
=> gonna get me new duds with me gift certificates

have blue ribbons from the State Fair
=> have enough of those from Science Fairs thanks

and one of the best looking Pap smears in the Western Hemisphere!
=> see above and darn tootin'!

You are one smart cookie....get the bit between your teeth and go for the gold....I know that metaphors are mixed madly here, but you do know what I'm talkin' about.
You WILL do must, 'cause there is no other way but to fight your way back to good health and a strong's that moral imperitive thing again.
=> Yes I have the Power!

Anything else I need to do?
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