September 3rd, 2002


Pain and Torture Update and other stuff

Mistress of PT let me go today.
No more with her - have to do it on my own now. I have learned well. I can inflict pain on myself from now on. LOL She even gave me a blue whip to take home with me! LOL Just kiddin' its a excer-band.
Have to order that Aqua Belt and get my ass back in Water Aerobics.

Yay for me!

In other news.....
The Flooring Wars have begun! Met with two today and have three tomorrow. Bids will be coming in. Hopefully good ones.

House Update:
James' playground was damaged by a Bobcatt yesterday and they are having to fix it. They were pouring the walkway and front porch when I left. My stove was installed. There is GRASS growing in the yard. Wont be long now! After dinner James went to check the damage to his playground and said that they were finishing up the pour when he stopped by. Working overtime to get J's Playground up and running.

Picked up the Dil-bug (Dylan - Susan and Gary's 3 year old) at daycare. He was having so much fun at his new school. Took him shopping with me for my mom's Birthday Present. Dil-bug picked out some nice magnets for his Mama Bear. :)
Had dinner with Susan, Dil-bug and James (he met us there after work) Then I put him in the tub and off to bed. I love being Aunt Jessa!
Now that they are here instead of Wilmington, I get to play Aunt Jessa anytime I want! :)

Jill found the site and tried to order and guess what happened.....We are currently out of stock in this item.
Did some more digging around and found that the company was bought by another and they no longer make the stuff. We will have to get mom to use something else.

Mom liked the Diaperene Cornstarch Baby Powder. 100% talc free! Need to get her another brand that she wont break out with.

Any suggestions people?

Get to see mom and dad tomorrow on her birthday! for about 15 - 20 minutes. Then back to the house for the Flooring Wars Day Two to commence.
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