September 14th, 2002


Friday the 13th bit me in the ass

Took an hour to find the DMV to renew license
Waited an hour in DMV before they came and said system will be down all day
No license renewal
Have to cancel the trip to Fayette-nam for the van on Monday
Going to ask the 'rents to bring it up on Sunday when they come
Credit card wouldn't work at the gas pump
Denied in the store - had to pay another way
Car Wash breaks down as soon as I get in it
Found out credit card company was looking out for me
Day of Beauty purchase sent a flag up and they couldn't reach us so they shut it down
Straightened out now
Drove Sonja's car for our doctors appointments
Apparently had "Pull out in front of me" plastered on the front
In the middle of changing insurances
Doc's receptionist didn't know if they took our new stuff
Ummm yes you do I checked and so did my husband
No card so I had to pay full price and claim later
More cars cutting me off and scaring the crap outta both of us
Tried to buzz Dil-bug's hair and he squirmed
I did a pretty good job except for one spot over the right ear
Considering the wiggleness of a three year old
Was scratching Dil-bug's dog Cody and it felt sooo good that he peed on the floor
Oh and to top it all off had terrible crampations going on the whole day
Hopefully today will be sane
not if the stupid dial-up keeps crapping out
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