October 1st, 2002



house update
the floor peeps have almost finished the downstairs - they have left the back hallway unfinished - upstairs the bonus room and two front bedrooms are done!
Painting is mostly done - will have to go back after the move to do touch ups

FINALLY got in touch with the movers
will be moving this sunday by the pros!

been so busy lately
sorry if I haven't had a chance to say boo to anyone
and the stupid dail up is never working properly

Happy Birthday Kimber! I hope you get to go - if not have a great birthday here :)

Dwaine - will you let me read book three? been reading the hell out of book two while babysitting the floor guys
send it with Heather - I think we are getting together on Thursday - my break from the floor guys!

off too bed - seriously tired!
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