November 19th, 2002


God! I love it!

Juicy Gossip Day!
Met with my girls and loaded up on some seriously good gossip!
Vindication is my new favorite word! And I plan on using it alot! :)
It is so true: What goes around comes around! AND BITES YOU IN THE ARSE!
And it apparently took a huge chunk outta her's! HEH!
Unfortunately it didn't get the other. Strange, how they sometimes don't go for the real problem they just take down the lowest on the totem pole and leave the source to fester.
I should call them and offer my services (and testimony) and yell I told you so!
What would be even better is if they came crawling, pleading for me. God, it would be sweet. But it will never happen.
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! Man, that made my year! LOVE IT!
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