December 10th, 2002


Oyster Stew

sorry if I offend the shellfish lovers out there with this but

it looks like a sinus infection gone bad with huge loogies at the bottom
Gross, I know but I thought I would share ;)

Had lunch and dinner with Gran today - it was fun and it only took me an hour and fifteen minutes to get up to Thomasville. And no I didn't break any land speed records - still under the ticket from earlier this year - went to driving school for that - can't get another one for three years :)
Had yummy fried perch and hushpuppies. Gran had a shrimp cocktail, "Booger Soup" and Scallops for dinner.
The llittle shrimps were perched on the glass just in a way that it made me think of a sunburned kid trying to climb out of the pool. Don't get me started on the scallops. Heh :)
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