December 30th, 2002


LJ Braintrust - subject music

I would love to get my hands on some good latin music - by "good" I mean something with a lot of percussion - any suggestions?
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I had lunch with Daddy today after his check-up - everything is going well with that
On the way home I was following a Mercedes and I noticed that there was a stuffed dog sitting in the back window - or so I thought - until he turned and scratched his ear - it surprised me so much that I almost ran off the road
I have many thank you notes to write
I still have laundry to finish
Need to put Christmas presents away
Need to file and clean up the office
Christmas was not the same this year - Jill wasn't home - I was sick thru most of it so I wasn't my obnoxious self begging to open PRESENTS NOW!
But it was still good - just not the same
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