October 23rd, 2003


Boiled Peanuts and Fried Bologna Sandwich

I just have to say that the boiled peanuts that I got at the fair were very tastey but needed more salt in the water. Something strange, I think they boiled the peanuts with fatback. It has a definite pork taste to the peanuts. Now, I prefer my boiled peanuts to be very soft and very salty! These were not bad but I think they should have left the fatback out and added more salt to the water. My granddaddy made the best boiled peanuts! Get them out of the ground early and boil them hard with lots of salt! So soft that you could eat the shell!
The fried bologna sandwich was good but needed a good helping of "daddy-mayo" and mustard. It was a huge deli style slice in a hamburger bun and wrapped in tin foil to make the bun kind of squishy. Way yummy but like I said needed mayo and mustard.
James, you forgot to mention the deep fried twinky!
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