February 19th, 2004


Pain and Torture - It was a good day - Expensive Shoes - love my Jeweler!

Went to PT and actually had a good day today - the bike didin't bother me at all. The only thing I have to complain about is the fact that she used ice instead of the heat pads this time. Me don't like cold. Now when I go in next week I go directly to the bike to warm up and then we get on with the rest of the stuff. I now have some exercises to do at home.
Mistress told me that I would need new shoes to help with the gait training so I went today to the Athlete's Foot to be expertly fitted. I now own a pair of $100 Brooks Motion Controled walking shoes. Because I was sent to them by a PT I got a 10% discount on the shoes but still that is a lot of money for shoes. This is a person who has been walking around in $3 pair of shoes from Payless. She told me I needed more support so that my feet would stop rolling to the outside when I walk. I have to say that the Brook's shoes give a ton of support to hold my feet in the "neutral position." I did notice a difference in the way I walk in the new shoes compared to the old ones. So maybe this is a good thing. Heh, lost a complete shoe size to boot.
Stopped by my jeweler today to see if they had ring spacers or gaurds. I have lost a size so my wedding rings don't fit anymore. Not only did I get my rings cleaned so they look beautiful, I also got the three spacers for free. Got to love my jeweler! By the way, Lady Brannon, Dan says hello.
Tomorrow I have the Spine Cracker to see and update him on the goings on at PT.
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