March 13th, 2004


The Return of the Barrett Road Trip - preview

Rated G - General Audiences
All Ages Admitted

Coming to a Live Journal near you......March 29th!
The Barrett Road Trip II
The Sights, The Sounds, and Sometimes the Smells at 70 miles per hour!
One Barrett! One Manning! Lots of Parisher Stuff!

New Author this time - don't know if the soundtrack will be as campy as the last movie
I get to go this time - so no drug induced humor from me - I know you are disappointed
But I will close out the trailer with a song anyway.

Are you ready kids?!
(sing in SpongeBob Sqaure Pants theme song)
OOOOOO Who's in a Green Van on the road?
The Cra-zy Bar-retts
Who will be packing all of that stuff?
The Cra-zy Bar-retts
Who will be hauling the Parisher's stuff?
The Cra-zy Bar-retts
Crazy Barretts Crazy Barretts CRA-ZYYYYY BAR-RETTTTSSSS
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