May 6th, 2004


yanked from Maigrey

From my TiVo news:

tooka-tooka (too'ka-too'ka), n., v., n. 1. the sound the TiVo service makes in 2x fast-forward or rewind (or 3x, in the interest of brevity). 2. the desire to speed past acts, events, or people that don't interest you. v., 3. to skip past the boring stuff, such as when Ryan Seacrest won't shut up during American Idol.

that's awesome...
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I'm just overworked.....

Oh My God
I was just listening to 96 Rock right?
I didn't just hear a Korn song with a dance beat, right?
I didn't just bob my head to said dance beat with my mouth hanging open, right?
I am not sitting here nekid with a bowl of jello.
Was I hot and hungry?
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