January 12th, 2005


Kitchen Re-do

Jill posted this in her journal - so I thought I would post it here to see if any of you had any suggestions.
I'm itching to pull everything out of my kitchen cabinets, sort into piles, and re-store. My questions to you are:
- how do you organize your kitchen?
- What determines where you place things?
- What goes near the sink/dishwasher?
- What goes near the stove?
- What items are heat-sensitive and should be stored away from the stove?

I need some ideas. My kitchen is Barrett-Standard in setup:
- the glasses are in the high cabinet next to the sink.
- the plates are next to them
- pots and pans are in the lower cabinet
- baking dishes are next to the oven
- spices are in the pantry with the rest of the food
- oils are on the counter
- baking things are near the fridge.

It makes it easy for people like my sisters or my mother to find things in my kitchen, but my husband still isn't used to it. Is there a standard for kitchen organization?

The Barrett-Standard is the way my kitchen is set up - it is also the way my friend Susan has her kitchen because she let me set it up for her when they moved into their new house. Slowly but surely this will be the recognized standard for everyone I know ;)
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Question for the Mommies out there

Should I "sign-up"?
So far I have been able to find things on the net about my pregnancy and baby stuff without letting the websites have any info on me. Should I sign up with some of the brand name sites to start getting the freebies and coupons?
Do you have any sites that I should or should not sign up with?