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One of the coolest e-mails I have ever recieved from my mom....

I have reached a major conclusion here.....
You'' re gonna go thru hell with the pt and attendant exercise and rebuilding....sooooo what about doing the bikini wax, the exfoliating, the eyebrow pluck, the deep pore mask, the olive oil deep conditioning, corn and bunion removal, resume the ww diet....(aside here.....you'll need quality protein while rebuilding muscle/ligament, etc). color the hair, take up crochet or tatting, learn to read and speak sanskrit, or aramaic, have your right boob tattooed, get a mammogram and/or a pelvic exam, have a wisdom tooth dug out or get a toe nail removed.....I can go on and on....what I' is saying here....is that as long as it is already HELL....go for it!!!!!! By the time the pt is a part of the rest of your life, you'll be ready to put on a fashion show, in an unusual language, have blue ribbons from the State Fair, and one of the best looking Pap smears in the Western Hemisphere!
You are one smart cookie....get the bit between your teeth and go for the gold....I know that metaphors are mixed madly here, but you do know what I'm talkin' about.
You WILL do this....you must, 'cause there is no other way but to fight your way back to good health and a strong back....it's that moral imperitive thing again.
We love you....we hate that you are hurt....it will be work, but it will be worth the time, the tears, and the effort.
OK, I'll get down from the soap box now....

Don't you just love her!

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