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The Morning After....

Had my second session with the Mistress of Pain (PT). I am sore and tender to the touch, but not in the area which I expected to be. I expected to be practically crippled with pain this morning in the lower back. But no, it is at the top of my thighs near the hip joint but just in the front. So when I sit down that area is being touched which is slightly painful. So recline is the word of the day. Walking is still fine but sitting upright is a tad too much for that area.

Most of the things we did were back stabilization exercises, to make sure that I re-trained myself to do things with a strong and correctly aligned back. They were so hard to do. I had no pain while doing them, but I knew I would be sore the next day. I talked to Mistress before the session started to inquire if she could push me a little harder than last time. Oh boy did she! Some of those exercises I had to do I was shaking with effort, especially when working the left leg. But got the go ahead to continue the walking in the pool and the exercise that I was given at the first session, but no more than that. Mistress did say that I have improved so much since the last time we may cut the pool therapy short and get me back on land faster. That was very encouraging!

So far so good!

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