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Pain and Torture

My body betrayed me......
Getting out of the car to go in for what I hoped would be my last session with the Mistress......my right hip seized. Total pain and tried to walk it off but to no avail. I have zero knowledge of the muscles in this area but I think it is the Gluteus Medius on the right side. Here check this link. click on the muscle to find out the name And I just got myself off all the damn drugs and now I am going to have to take some tonight to help with the pain. The Mistress helped me stretch it out and taught me new stuff to do at home. Even though this happened Mistress seems pleased with the progress that I have made.
So I still have at least four more sessions of Pain and Torture coming. Starting Saturday morning, no doubt!
I here I sit, pissed off and freezing, on three bags of ice. Now I have five other exercises to add to the long list of stuff I need to do.

I will get through this! I have too!

I have to work on keeping the 'neutral spine' positioning, more work on the abs and obliques and a lot of work on the back muscles.
30 minutes on treadmill - everyday
Pool therapy on my own - MWF
Range of Motion classes - TR
And Land exercises - everyday


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