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I am so screwed!

Jill, have you been talking to people about this blimp thing?

there seems to be a conspiracy against me!

jbmanning911: LOL
LadyFirebirdNC: I've been bouncing around since I heard :-D
jbmanning911: me too!
LadyFirebirdNC: ...and I'll be sure and get pictures of the blimp. I have a telephoto lens on my camera, y'know... ;-)
jbmanning911: HEY
LadyFirebirdNC: *giggle*
jbmanning911: not that type of shooting
LadyFirebirdNC: what's wrong with harmless shooting...?
jbmanning911: no pictures no cameras!
LadyFirebirdNC: Awwwwwwwww

virtualpuddin: Hmmm. should I actually have my camera ready that day? :-)
jbmanning911: NO
virtualpuddin: Even by accident?
jbmanning911: nope
virtualpuddin: *sigh* fine. :-P
jbmanning911: LOL
virtualpuddin: But I will not be responsible for Bailey's actions...
jbmanning911: hey

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