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Happy Early Birthday to me.....

Day of Beauty was wonderful!
Started with a manicure and pedicure
My polish is called Kimono-Over by OPI
Then my hair was colored - don't ask me what color - I just let them have their way with me
Caramel - latte - Jill says - I say rich brown with caramel highlights *shrug*
Then off to do the salt scrub
This was yummy - it was like having your entire body scratched - heavenly! I highly recommend it
Next up is whole leg with bikini wax combo - nice - didn't hurt at all - being my first time
Eyebrows were dyed brown and then waxed - umm that hurt!
Last but not least. The 90 minute massage with hot rocks - ok now I is a happy woman!

Dinner at It's Prime Only with the hubby - yummy

Then off to get Jill
And listen to her tease about the stupid BLIMP!

Tomorrow is movie-a-thon and sushi with Jillikins
Then Dinner with the crew at Kemp's Seafood!

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