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I put the wood chip mulch around the hostas that Flavor put in for me. He did a most excellent job of putting them in! Thanks sweetie! I am gonna have to get the copper flashing from Dad and put a border around that bed to keep snails and slugs out and keep the mulch from leaving. I weeded the flower beds. I put in the Purple Verbena on the hill.
Just need to dig the creek bed and put the rocks down and we will be done with the major yard work until I go to Lowes or Home Depot and hit a sale ;) Just need to mow!
The elephant ears are looking good now that I have trimmed the dead/dying leaves off. My mondo grass is having babies, I wish it would go faster to fill that bed in. The creeping jenny is doing really well with all the rain. I need to get more of the jenny to fill in some bare spots and send it down the hill.
Need to gather the painting supplies, unload and load the dishwasher, get a shower and head to the 'rents.
Gonna be making cording for the new couch in upholstry class tonight. Then Dad and I are heading to Gran's old place tomorrow to prepare for the painting party this weekend.
Thursday is doctor appointments and luandry. Friday is doctor appointments part two and packing for the trip to Portland.
Saturday, I am off to see Jillikins!
busy. busy. busy!

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