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Visit with Jill and Chas

I had a wonderful time in Portland with Jill!
The flight in wasn't too bad. Jill and Chas met me at the airport and we headed to the food court to grab some lunch before heading to the apartmondo. We were definitely surprised to hear my name on the intercom system telling me to get over to baggage claim to get my bags. Opps! We proceeded home on the light rail and tentatively planned the rest of my stay.
Sunday, we went to the Portland Saturday Market. Very cool. Rode the train to the market. I have to say that I enjoyed getting around on the train. I am not a city girl at all.
Went to Goonie's Beach. That was way cool. Got attacked by "Mine!" Had to dodge our way through the jellyfish graveyard. Picked up some cool rocks. There are no seashells there. Strange. The water is cold but I was ready to go swimming anyway. The "haystacks" were neat to look at, but I kinda wish we could have climbed around and explored. This is a no no since it is protected Marine Garden. I could just imagine One Eyed Willie's boat coming around the haystack.
Took a drive to Mt. Hood. That was neat but would have been cooler if we could go to the top and walk around a bit. The scenery in Oregon is wonderful.
I was graciously allowed to attend "Date Night" with Jill and Chas to the Veritable Quandary. And yes, everything that Jill writes about I tasted. Man! That was a wonderful experience. No movie stars or famous peeps except for Jill with her cuteness! It was pretty funny, Jill and Chas are usually recognizable at the restaurant but this time Jill cruised right by without anyone saying hello.
Thursday, Jill and I headed to Seattle by way of Mt. St. Helens. We got to the visitor's center to check it out and we had planned to go to the summit. However, evil road construction stood in our way and we just didn't want to waste time so we regrouped and started off to Seattle. Met the Seattle folks and had a great time meeting them and trying Indian food for dinner. Seattle folks: Sheeplass, Fishsupreme, Faecat, Dan, Joyce, and Pyran. I really had a good time! Lovely to meet all of you! I look forward to seeing and laughing with you again.
Friday, Jill and I hit the Pacific Science Museum. Had a blast in there. Wish we had another day to play but we needed to head back so that we can hit the Mt. St. Helens lava tubes. That is correct, folks! I went caving! It is the purpose in my life to go caving anywhere I can drop into a hole. Ape cave is my first experience in a lava tube. It is crazy different than the regular limestone caverns that I have been in.
Saturday, we took it easy and played with the little trees and other wedding stuff.
Sunday, back to the Saturday Market where we found Mom a red hat!
Monday, we rode the train to the airport and said goodbye to Jill (tried hard not to cry but a few tears escaped) and Portland. This trip sucked! Crying children are not my thing. Especially when they cry the ENTIRE trip home.
Well, the current trend is for all of the Barretts to visit Jill and then she can move to another place. I have to go out one more time to close the state of Oregon out and then Jill and Chas can come home.

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