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Ice sucks

Today marks the only time I regret living here.
Now some of you know that our driveway is very steep. We park our cars at the top of the hill so we can get out of the house at times. Well, our driveway is not the problem. Its the hill to get off of our street. We can't get the car back up the hill. So we have parked the car two streets up from the house.
I have fallen before today and it wasn't that bad but today's fall I think is gonna give me problems.
Damn living outside of the city limits!
The Chiropractor is gonna be mad at me.
I was sore today from yesterday's fall so I am pretty sure I am gonna regret gving into my cabin fever today.

If there is a Spine Fairy could someone give her my number? No shiny quarters for me, just a shiny new spine.

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