JBManning (jbmanning) wrote,

The return of the Pain anf Torture Update

Not my back this time. It would be my hips. I have bursitis on both hips and on the tailbone. I have been given a six week sentence with the Mistress of Pain. She has informed me that I also have many trigger points in both hips as well as minor tendonitis in both Iliopsoas Tendons. Fun Fun Fun! This time around, so far, I go in, put on that stupid hospital gown. The Mistress ties my legs into knots and asks if it hurts. Then she shoves her thumbs (which are made of steel) into various points on the hips and asks again if it hurts. Then I get sonogram treatment to soothe and warm the areas of abuse. Then I get hooked up to the STEM machine and several heat pads and take a nap for twenty minutes. If I could get the nap and heat pads extended to a two-hour thing I would be happier.
I just need another email from Mom. The last time I fell in love with the waxing stuff so I guess she will have to think of something else to torture me with. Any suggestions? Still haven't done the tattoo thing. Maybe I should have Bursitis Was Here tattooed on both of the hips ;)
Anyway, Daddy said he would wait for my sentence to end before the Barrett Road Trip would make another round. This time I get to go and dang it I am gonna go. Jill will have to do the BRT Updates for me this time around. I went back to look at the posts from the last trip - I really was on some serious drugs. I know you guys are looking forward to another BRT series!
Oh I forgot to tell you....
I have to learn how to walk again. Is that not the craziest thing you have ever heard? So gait training is after the poke and prod sessions to work the kinks out. I really don't think Jessica is a good name for a horse lol! Since our health insurance is the bomb diggity - I am gonna take full advantage of the unlimited visits and see if I can't work in some weight training in there since she is certified and stuff.

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