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my a$$ is killing me
yesterday the Mistress of Pain got a hold of my bum and really worked me over
then I decided to do my yardwork before the thunderstorm
lots of bending, pulling, twisting - all the things I am not supposed to do after PT
I wore a back brace to help me keep the back in good position.
Apparently I wore it too tight and too low - I have two ugly and painful bruises where it rested on the pelvic bones - now just wearing undies hurts. If its not one thing its another.
My hamstrings are screaming at me today as well as the bum.

I went to Hariy Peeter today to get the stuff to make Jill's Pad Thai
I have been craving this stuff for weeks now - I was almost willing to beg James to fly the woman out to make it for me - instead I have been badgering James to find a good Chinese restaurant near us - no luck yet - we tried the New Asia in Brier Creek again and they failed again. Anyone have a good suggestion?
What did I come home with?
the ingredients for meatloaf, country style steak, beef stroganoff, chicken and rice casserole and potatoes to mash
so much for the exotic foods of the orient - the tummy wanted comfort food - I need to go to the farmers market and get me some fresh green beans and make a huge pot to go with all that.
*sigh* oh well

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