Southern Communion - for Aunt Jill

Communion was held yesterday at BabyWorld - thought we had gotten pictures but camera has malfunctioned. So no pictures. Prayer was said as the body and blood were given.
May Jobu's Spirit sell your house.


Overheard: Julie and I were putting up the tree and putting the doll ornaments on.

Girrrl yo wig is jacked up - we need to do yer hair
all yo lace and stuff is all up in yo grill.
oh my goodness Miz Claus! Her damn wig was jacked clear off.

you know Grandma was looking down at us and saying What in the world?

just junk

Dear MTV
this VMA sucks

Dear John Norris
Get a new Stylist and stop wearing so much make-up

Dear Brittney
Fire your hairdresser
Fire your trainer
Fire your stylist
Fire your choreographer
need to brush up on the lip sync
girl, you tore up

Dear jbmanning
you are so out of the loop of MTV

cow baby

too quiet

first day of preschool
*sob* I miss my baby!
I was not ready for her to go.

A preschoolar's pickle primary

Sarah has been given her early education to the joys of pickles.
We had homemade hamburgers today for dinner. Mommy's had pickles and onions on hers and of course she wanted what Mommy has. Thus begins her pickle education. We tried dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, and I then pulled out *cue the chorus of angels* Frankie's pickles. So far she likes the soft seedy part of the bread and butter but I am sure as her tastes develop she will love Frankie's as much as we do

The Plan

JBM: Hey Jill! Guess where I am?
JBP: Uh...
Welcome to Bojangles. May I take your order?
JBP: You guys rock!

Altar has been made and Southern Communion has begun!
Pictures later.